Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hey, why don't you have some Star with your Wars? Am I right?

Boneworms !

Thats's right. Boneworms. I said it. I even bolded it to get my point across.
 We were all thinking it. It's something we've all been worried about for some time now. But how do we get rid of them? Quite frankly, we don't. They live in the ocean and they eat whale bones. Just whale bones. So there's actually nothing to be concerned about, which leads me right into my next topic. Star Wars! (I bolded that too because I'm a bold person... I bolder, if you will)
I'm somehow involved in a Star Wars show this Friday, April 15th at Brand32 which is on Pierpont Ave in 
Salt Lake. I did some pretty incredible Start Wars (did I just go lightsaber green on that word? Yes I did.) themed paintings for it and if you take anything  Jay-Z says seriously, you"ll be there. Why? Because Jay-Z is a very serious man/rapper/boneworm enthusiast.
and with that I give you