Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jake Garn VS Jonathon Baker

     Recently, like 2 weeks ago.....maybe, I don't remember. I decided to become a really good photographer with the pseudonym "Jake Garn". It was a brilliant idea until I remembered that I don't own a camera. Then I remembered all those times in photography class in college when my teacher would politely remind me that it was indeed a "photography" class and not a "making out with girls in the darkroom" class. And by "making out" I mean drawing pictures of robots in the margins of my notebook. And by "girls in the darkroom" I mean failing photography class.
    Coincidently on that exact same day I showed up to work only to discover an already existing "Jake Garn" photographer. What are the odds? Right? Assuming that's his real name and not a pseudonym. (we'll never know for sure....unless we check wikipedia and then it's like 70/30). It was like getting a crane technique kick of disappointment to the face. As usual all the best ideas are taken.
    Anyway, I think Jake(from here on we'll refer to him as Jake) could tell I was bummed and so he offered to let me stick some of my paintings into his photos. It was cool of him to do that right after completely devastating my single greatest ambition for the day. (What else am I gonna do? Paint?)So he picked a few out and I was like " but that ones not finished!" and he was like " I know but I need something to go on that weird fence thing." then we got into an argument about whether Bruce Willis was more bad-ass in "Moonlighting" or "Blind Date". (The answer is neither. Bruce was only bad-ass in Die Hard.)
And here are the results.

Take that society!

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  1. Pretty damn cool! I must say I'm jealous. The color coordination with the paintings is fantastic as well.