Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beluga vs. Narwhal

  Was anyone aware of the scientific fact that Narwhals and Beluga whales are related somehow? Belugas are the brainy nerd side of the family(giant forehead) and Narwhals are the badass tough guys of the family(toothface). Who's gonna mess with a guy that's got a giant tooth/horn coming out of his face?
  Well actually I would.(only if he was messin with me though) I would roundhouse his head and while he was saying "Whoa, Dude what was that for?" I'd crane technique his horn/tooth right off. But that's just what me and Ralph Macchio would do.
  Also, has anyone ever seen a Beluga whale? It's just a dolphin with a giant forehead! What the? Is that all it takes these days to get upgraded from dolphin(boring) to whale(awesome!). I suppose the ICP guys were right. We can't trust scientists.(Playing favorites. Those a-holes.) Of course they upgraded the Belugas. They're probably all level 9 wizards on D and D.
  By the way, what is up with this painting? Seriously, Can that furry Narwhal even breath out of the water like that? I'm just saying it doesn't seem practical to walk around with a Narwhal in you arms. Other than that everything else seems pretty normal. You know, just a normal day out in the ocean with bubble-butterflies floating around.
  Anyway Belugas. Hope you're happy.


  1. Narwhals are about to take over the world.

  2. Well this is all kinds of awesome. I'm surprised your comment about the Narwhal's furry coat was so far down the post, as it was the first thing I noticed. But really, I just think this is a super great painting and also it's cool I ended up here just by clicking on a link in someone's link list. [Also you're kind of hilarious but since you clearly know that it's hardly worth mentioning.]

    Tragically (yes, I have a problem with adverbs), glancing up at the previous comments, I am almost a year late to the party. Who knows if the original owner still lives here? Who knows whether comments on posts so dreadfully cold even end up anywhere. Maybe the poster will never know I was here. Bit of a bummer, that is. (I don't think it's true, though.)