Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We're nuthin but the nerds they say we are.

   First of all, that statement is only true for everyone else. I probably rule much too hard to be a nerd. (Thanks to you toy lightsaber. You also rule and occasionally cut off peoples arms.) Another thing that also rules too much is Karate Kid. That movie is 50% kick you in the quadricep (You're welcome Josh Knotts) and 50% rule your face off.
  Anyway, I wanted to do a painting that captures the true essence of nerds everywhere. So I studied them closely for 1 year.(And by one year I mean 4 minutes at the Salt Lake Public Library.)Then I got distracted by a dude twirling glowsticks and then another dude with gigantic parachute pants and clown make-up. (I believe these to be the "peacock" of the nerd species.) I wanted to see what really makes a nerd tick and as it turns out they are really in to changing lightbulbs. Who Knew?! Weird right? You watch a nerd for 4 minutes, you're gonna see one change a lightbulb. That's the National Geographic of it. The rest of the stuff in this painting is purely speculation and conjecture. Cause as it also turns out nerds are pretty boring. Even within 4 minutes at the library, so you gotta start making stuff up. I mean, most nerds probably don't have a fish tank implant. Why would they? It's not practical.
  Anyway, This one is for you nerds. You finally got your respect.


  1. i was really tempted to leave a comment on the blog post with the girl holding the narwhal because, well, i sighed with happiness when i saw that painting and you mentioned ralph (who played the karate kid) but i also want to win the painting and so i'm following all the very specific scavenger hunt rules.

    i think nerds should be carrying narwhals. for protection. keeps everyone guessing and they can spend a lot of time explaining the difference between the narwhal and the beluga whale and dolphins. narwhals for nerds!