Sunday, November 7, 2010

Perry Farrell Ruled in Janes Addiction (but not as much in my studio.)

   Sometimes you do a painting of Perry Farrell from Janes Addiction and you think to yourself " Hell yeah! That's rad! I Rule So Hard!" And then you go out and celebrate your amazing radness with a frozen pizza (one of those 99 cent ones) and a box of Hostess rasberry jelly filled donuts($2.99) and one of those litre size strawberry Shasta drinks(also .99 cents).(because how is that not a good idea at $4.97 in loose change? (mostly pennys)).
   Then as you lay on the floor wondering if maybe that wasn't such a good idea, you look at your painting and think "man, that thing is still as awesome as I thought it was 30 minutes ago." And that's when you start to notice everything that's wrong with it . But now you're too sick and lazy to fix it (also you might be falling swiftly into a diabetic coma).
     Well it's 5 years later and this portrait of Perry Farrel is still flawed and also still one of my favorite paintings. (Take that Chris Isaak and Lyle Lovett fans! This is not a picture of either one of those guys, so stop saying that.)
   And to this day Perry Farrell from Janes Addiction still comes to my studio to hang out and stink the place up when he takes off his shoes, and I'm like, "Really Perry? You can't just leave the shoes on while your here? This is a really small area with poor ventilation and you're just gonna take your shoes off? Now the whole place has a really nasty Doritos smell." (Perry doesn't care though cause he used to be in a really cool band.)
But what do you do? He was in Jane's Addiction......The End

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  1. That painting still reminds me more of Jonathan Richman. Take care, D.